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Tips for Home Storage

Create Storage in Outdoor Furniture

If you are thinking about purchasing new furniture for your deck or patio, why not utilize outdoor furniture that comes with integrated storage? Many outdoor benches are created with integrated storage, which would be great to store outdoor toys that you don’t want to have to bring inside each day.

Bed Sheet Storage

Use one of your pillowcases to store all of your matching sheet sets. This will save space in your linen closet and also keep you organized when it is time to change your bed sheets.

Outdoor Towel Rack

If you have a pool, you are likely always looking for somewhere to hang wet swimsuits and towels during the summer. Why not create an outdoor towel storage rack with simple PVC pipe from your local hardware store?

Use Shower Curtain Hooks in Your Closet for Your Purses

Are you always trying to navigate your way through the stash of purses on your closet floor? Why not use shower curtain hooks to hang all of your purses at eye level? This allows you to quickly see all of your purses and decide which one works with your outfit.

Use an Old CD Rack To Store Lids

What better way to keep track of your Tupperware lids than with an old CD rack in a drawer? Make sure to store the larger lids in the back and the smaller ones up front to keep everything in plain view.

Christmas Ornament Organization

Stop breaking old Christmas ornaments by storing them improperly. Glue small plastic cups to pieces of cardboard and stack them in storage bins. This way your ornaments will be neatly organized come next Christmas.

Repurpose Ice Cube Trays

Have you finally upgraded to an automatic icemaker, but still have ice cube trays lying around? Use them to store craft supplies, jewelry, or any other small items that seem to always be misplaced. Simply place the ice cube trays in drawers to keep them out of sight.