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FAQs about Upholstery Cleaning

  • What are the reasons for cleaning my Upholstery?

One of the major reasons that you need to ensure proper cleaning of your upholstery on regularly is to make the air in your home cleaner than before. You might think the main reason for cleaning is to make the furniture look good or to improve furniture’s life, but in reality these are only additional benefits you get from the whole cleaning process.

Fresh air is quite vital for your home and by cleaning the upholstery, you can be assured to maintain it at its best. The upholstery on couches, sofas, chair and other furniture easily trap dust or bacteria that can cause breathing problems and multiple other allergic problems to your family members. Getting it cleaned on a regular basis will improve the air quality, ending the cause of allergies and breathing problems.

  • How often the cleaning process should be done?

It is a fact that a number of homeowners simply just never even give the upholstery cleaning a thought. You need to get the upholstery on your furniture cleaned after every six months to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Extra cautious people can opt for cleaning after every four months, but at least ensure cleaning after every six months. The air quality of your home will improve significantly by getting it cleaned after every six months.

  • Should I hire professional help for the high pressure cleaning?

People may think that they can clean the upholstery in their home by themselves. On the contrary, it is advisable that it should only be done expert professionals as you can damage the furniture during the procedure. A professional upholstery cleaning company comes equipped with the knowledge, experience and the equipment required to get the job done with the best results.

It may be much cheaper if you do it yourself, but remember that you will simply fail to get the desired results and fail to get the allergens removed from the upholstery. The main reason for the cleaning process is to get rid of the dirt and allergens, so if you fail to remove them, then it’s better you hire professional help.