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Dining Room Empire Style Furniture

Apart from the Napoleonic style, some of the decorative touches of this furniture are derived from the ancient Roman and Greek designs. So, while it comes to decorating your dining room with this type of furniture, you can also use the empire styled torches, vases, ram’s head, cornucopias and the heads of Greek gods.

If you are planning to decorate your dining room with the empire style furniture, always choose the styles that suit with your personal taste. Often the dining room is considered to be the centerpiece of any room and most of your guests will visit this place as most of the family dinners are conducted here.

So, while you are decorating your dining room with this furniture, then start decorating with your room so that the room matches perfectly with the furniture. Besides, not every furniture piece of this style will suit with your home style. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of the right pieces that can complement your home as well as will convert the ordinary dining space into the heaven where you will love to spend time with your friends or family members. Additionally, learning well about the furniture type will also help you in purchasing the right things and not the duplicate ones.

Here is a simple guide that will help you in recognizing the furniture ranges of the empire style.

  • A masculine and hefty look
  • Excessive use of big and often badly cast metal gilts also known as the ormolu motifs
  • The wooden veneers are polished to the high sheen
  • Greco-Roman inspired classical decals
  • Wood back sitting arrangements with upholstered seats
  • Mirror back console dining tables