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Adding Bedside Tables

Make your bedroom look more beautiful and organized by placing bedside table near the bed. These side tables not only accentuate the look of the room but also add utility. These tables are used for keeping water bottles, decor items, placing table lamps etc. on the bedside.

You need to keep a bottle of water, mobile phone, lamp, medicines or a book on your side because you may need these things during the night. Therefore a place to keep all these should be near to the bed making it convenient to reach. For this purpose it is best to select a table that matches the look of the bed and provides adequate amount of storage space for all the essentials.

A wide variety of tables are available in the market to choose from. If there is crunch of space in your bedroom, you can settle for chest of drawers that will serve as a table top and offer adequate storage space for many things of the bedroom. Including bed cabinets in the bedroom would add so much of storage space in the bedroom.

It is very important to choose the table design in accordance with the bed design. The overall decor of the room should also be considered before making any purchase decision. For a room that has traditional styled furniture, bedside table in solid wood in dark brown color with intricate carve detailing and turned legs will match perfectly. If the room has a modern outlook, search for tables that feature straight lines and have little or no carved detailing. If you want to make these tables a focal point, choose ones that look different. Opt for tables that have mirrors attached or have a glass top.

Some beds will come with attached tables but some beds do not come with attached bedside tables. When you have the option to buy, always consider the size and shape of the bed. Also buy side tables that looks matched with all the other furniture of the room. You can go for round, square or a chest of drawers depending upon your choice. Also consider the ground space left on the sides that will be available after placing the tables.